What Cannot Be Collected By the Default Analytics Tracking Code?

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    Answer: User’s Favorite Website

    A common question you might see on the Google Analytics exam is “What Cannot Be Collected By the Default Analytics Tracking Code?”, With options like:

    A. Device and operating system

    B. User’s favorite website

    C. Page visits

    D. Browser language setting

    In this case, the correct answer would be B. User’s favorite website


    The tracking code is a block of Javascript that, when included on a site, allows Google Analytics to track several items about users behavior. This includes items such as; how people find your site, geo-location, operating system, and what pages were visited on your site. However, it does not allow you to track personal information about said users like their favorite website. 

    This is useful as it allows you to understand who your visitors are and how you can better accommodate their needs. For example, if you find out that a bulk of your users come from a specific geo-location, you can alter your ad targeting and message to serve people from said area better. 

    If you are interested in learning more about Google Analytics or are studying for an upcoming Google Analytics exam, stick around as we delve into the most commonly asked questions about GA preparedness

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