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Inbound Lead Generation Digital Marketing for Interior Designers

Welcome to 7ten Digital Marketing, your partner in marketing for remodeling companies! We specialize in web design, seo, and pay-per-click advertising campaigns that generate phone calls and web form submissions.

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Digital Marketing for Interior Designers: The 7 Step Process

Elevate your construction company with specialized digital marketing services designed to optimize your online presence and drive new leads to your business. Discover how we do it below.

  • Client Consultation

    Understand the unique vision, goals, and specialties of the construction business. Align digital marketing objectives with broader construction business goals and branding.

  • Onboarding, Migration, and Keyword Research

    Lift and shift any existing key tools that you are currently using with zero interruption. Build an intentional keyword database that we can start targeting with paid and SEO campaigns.

  • Set Up Google Ad Campaign and Landing Pages

    Implement an effective pay-per-click Google campaign to start generating immediate leads. We will monitor and optimize these campaigns every month to get the best results possible and dominate the paid search results.

  • Content Creation and SEO Optimization

    Develop compelling content that effectively communicates construction services and engages the target audience. Align digital marketing with SEO strategies to enhance online visibility on search engines within the construction sector.

  • Editorial Backlink Building

    Obtain high DA backlinks to your website on topically relevant and industry-related websites. Quality content and high-ranking content will garner organic backlinks over time.

  • Website Experience and Conversion Optimization

    Develop an easy-to-use website experience that is geared toward customers first. Place call-to-action buttons and links in data-driven locations with out cluttering the web site.

  • Analytics, Attribution, and Performance Reporting

    Conduct thorough analytics to identify areas for further improvement in user engagement and online visibility. Iteratively optimize the digital marketing strategy based on performance metrics and industry insights.

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We service a variety of construction industry sectors including general contractors, home remodeling companies, home builders, and more. Having a team that is familiar with your space shortens the time it takes to learn the ins and outs of your business. This allows our digital marketing experts to focus on the nuances of what your key differentiators are from day one.

Digital Marketing For Interior Designers


At 7ten Digital Marketing, we specialize in three essential services tailored to take your home remodeling business to new heights. We focus on web design, SEO, and paid Google ads.

Web Design

Web Design for Interior Designers

We design websites that match your brand and are built to convert.


SEO for Interior Designers

We target transactional keywords and take the necessary steps for you to outrank the competition.


PPC for Interior Designers

Get leads on day one with an optimized pay-per-click Google Ads campaign.

Case Studies

SEO & PPC for Design & Build Firm in Maryland

Inbound Lead Gen Strategy and Execution

7ten successfully increased Byrd’s organic traffic by developing targeted content centered around the custom home building industry. We implemented tracking capabilities to measure KPI's and manage Google Ad spend.

See the full case study
Kitchen Design and Build after Marketing

Domain Authority


Organic Traffic


New Home Build Leads



Our influence on our clients' revenue is vital to their success and organizational growth, to the extent that they enthusiastically share their experiences with us to the world. We have a track flooding our client's pipelines with leads to the point where they are seeing a 400% return in most instances.

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7ten is by far the most well put together marketing firm out there. I have absolutely enjoyed every minute working with this team! From early stage start ups with big ideas to an already established company, if you own either (we own both!), 7ten has a fun, creative, professional and talented team that can augment any growing business. We feel more confident with both our businesses due to the fact that we have such an experienced marketing team working alongside us.

AJ Ballantine Headshot Remodeling Company Business Owner

A.J. Ballantine


My company had the pleasure of working with 7ten as they built our new website. The entire process was very transparent and they made each step easy to understand. I highly recommend 7ten to anyone who is looking to expand their reach or renew their digital presence.

Justin Armstrong Construction Business Owner

Justin Armstrong


The team at 7ten know how to improve your business rankings on Google and drive more leads to you. Working monthly with them has kept us on track and increasing traffic to our website -, Google My Business and organic rankings on Google. I highly recommend 7ten. We are pleased with the results.

Julie Chmura Restoration Business

Julie Chmura

Business Development Director

The 7ten team are fantastic to work with. They have done several of my business's web design, SEO, PPC, and high level internet marketing strategies with us. I look forward to the next campaign we tackle as group!

Rick Byrd Design Build Contractor Owner

Rick Byrd


I honestly cannot say enough good things about working with 7ten. What they did for our company was make what we asked for: I needed an updated version of our old site, one that looks modern and clean but won't leave our customers searching for things they had already found. Everything from the architecture to migration to design sensibility was EXACTLY what we needed. Also, they saved me a ton of man hours and then trained me on the new site - a big bonus in my book. 10/10 would absolutely use them again and definitely recommend them.

Jeff Coon Director of Marketing for Manufacturing Company

Jeff Coon

Director of Marketing

You know it's time for a change when your website actually embarrasses you. As the pioneers and leaders of our industry, our old, tired website simply didn't represent our standing. From the first meeting, they understood what we wanted our site to convey: innovation, experience, professionalism and history, but with a fresh look that was organized and easy to navigate. The 7ten team was able to deliver on all points. I highly recommend 7ten, as they are a one-stop-shop digital marketing firm and more importantly, great people to work with!

Ray Zukowski headshot

Ray Zukowski

Vice President

We’ve worked with 7ten for about a year now. In that span they’ve helped us design a new website and have helped take control of some of the more challenging aspects of marketing, such as developing methods to ward off spam, unwanted traffic, and boosting our PPC and SEO efficiency. They have a qualified and well balanced team that excels in numerous different areas of all things marketing!

Zack Lazo Cornerstone Remodeling

Zack Lazo

Marketing and Content Director
Frequently Asked Questions


You’ve got questions? We have answers. I am sure you are interested in how our process works, what results you can expect, what clients we work with, and how much this costs. See below for answers to some of the most popular questions we get during the sales process. If you don’t see the question and answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

How Much Does It Cost To Do Digital Marketing For HVAC Companies?

Our campaigns typically range from $2,000 to $10,000 per month for our clients. This comprehensive cost covers everything, including your Google Ad spend.

Our fees vary depending on the tier of service you choose: $2,000, $3,000, or $4,000. While these numbers may appear significant, rest assured that our fees are offset by the results our campaigns deliver for you.

What Type Of Results Can I Expect From Your Inbound Lead Generation Services?

If you’re just starting out and your business is at ground zero with zero sales, I wouldn’t recommend hiring us right away. Initially, focus on grassroots efforts like word of mouth, local events, community signage, distributing flyers, and establishing a free landing page and Google Business Profile. These methods can jumpstart immediate sales without significant marketing costs.

Once you’ve established a presence and exhausted these avenues without the aid of professional digital marketing, then it’s time to consider more advanced strategies.

For clients already generating revenue, we typically deliver a 2x-10x increase in monthly inbound lead opportunities. Our Google Ads campaigns typically yield a return on ad spend (ROAS) of at least 7-10, and within approximately six months, you should experience a consistent flow of leads from organic search clicks.

Feel free to explore our case studies for detailed insights into actual client results.

What Is The Onboarding Process Like?

After signing your contract, we kickstart every engagement with a one-hour kickoff call. During this session, we conduct a comprehensive “brain dump” to gather all essential information, allowing us to hit the ground running.

Following that, we’ll begin by requesting access to all relevant digital tools you’ve been using. If your current website is hosted elsewhere, we’ll migrate it to our servers to leverage our enterprise licensing on WPEngine, ensuring optimal performance and fast loading times.

If your website isn’t search engine-friendly, we’ll spend the initial 30 days rebuilding it.

Simultaneously, we’ll strategize the content plan for the first month, audit your existing Google Ads account, address any technical issues on your site, integrate it with analytics and tracking tools, and set up dashboards.

Once these tasks are completed, we’re ready to go full throttle!

What Is The Monthly Time Commitment That You Expect For Your Digital Marketing Clients?

We anticipate our clients being available for a minimum of a half-hour meeting every month. If needed, we can meet weekly for more frequent communication. Between meetings, we’ll provide at least one email update detailing the status of ongoing tasks.

Initially, someone from your organization will need to handle account access sharing, which typically takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the organization of the information.

Additionally, there may be some file sharing of photography, graphic assets, and other materials, which usually takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on how readily available the content is.

When it comes to content creation, we’ve got you covered! Overall, we’ll require about 4 hours of your time in the first month and then 30 minutes to 2 hours in subsequent months.

Team Insights

What are your thoughts on marketing in 2024?

Marketing nowadays is changing so fast with all the new tech and platforms coming out. Companies have way more chances to get creative and connect with their audiences, which is awesome. It’s an exciting time to be in the field with everything shifting and opening up.

7ten Digital Marketing Specialist

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