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CASE STUDY / HOME BUILDERS SEO & PPC for Design & Build Firm in Maryland

Design Build Firm in Maryland

Client Overview

Byrd Design and Build is a luxury home builder and remodeler based in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in custom homes, renovations, and additions. With over two decades of experience, they are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and personalized designs. They serve the Maryland and Delaware areas, providing a range of services from initial concept to final construction.

When they approached 7ten, their main goals were to increase their organic search presence, expand into Delaware, and drive New Home Build leads from Google.



Increase Organic Traffic

7ten successfully increased Byrd’s organic traffic by developing targeted content centered around the custom home building industry. By creating informative and engaging articles, guides, and resources related to custom home building, they were able to attract a larger audience interested in luxury home construction and remodeling.


Delaware Expansion

Byrd Design and Build significantly increased visitors from Delaware by 900% through targeted content creation. By focusing on topics relevant to the Delaware custom home building market, such as local building regulations, trends, and design inspirations, 7ten was able to enhance the site's relevance for Delaware residents. This strategic content development not only boosted local SEO but also attracted a more engaged audience, driving substantial traffic growth from the state.


New Home Building Leads

Through a strategic combination of SEO and Google Ads, Byrd Design and Build, with the expertise of 7ten, achieved a 70% year-over-year increase in new home build leads. The SEO strategy focused on creating high-quality, keyword-rich content tailored to the custom home building industry, improving organic search rankings. Simultaneously, targeted Google Ads campaigns ensured immediate visibility and attracted a high volume of qualified leads. This dual approach effectively expanded their customer base and enhanced lead generation.

The 7ten team are fantastic to work with. They have done several of my business's web design, SEO, PPC, and high level internet marketing strategies with us. I look forward to the next campaign we tackle as group!

Rick Byrd Design Build Contractor Owner
Rick Byrd


Byrd Design and Build

The Results


70% increase in New Home Build Leads


Domain Authority Increased From 6 to 14


1,200% increase in organic traffic


Estimated over 1000x Roas


900% increase In Traffic From Delaware

In Conclusion

Byrd Design and Build’s partnership with 7ten has driven substantial growth and success. Through focused efforts on increasing organic traffic, expanding into the Delaware market, and boosting new home build leads, Byrd Design and Build saw remarkable improvements. The creation of targeted content and a combination of SEO and Google Ads resulted in a significant rise in traffic and leads. Specifically, visitors from Delaware increased by 900%, and new home build leads grew by 70% year-over-year. This strategic approach has positioned Byrd Design and Build for continued success in the luxury home building industry.


Increase in New Home Build Leads Y/Y

14 DA

Domain Authority Increased From 6 to 14 Y/Y


Increase in organic traffic


Estimated ROAs


Increase In Traffic From Delaware

Team Insights

What are your thoughts on marketing in 2024?

Data will continue to drive everything. The companies who are harnessing their data and using it to inform business decisions, especially in marketing, will have a huge advantage over the companies who are blindly allocating their budgets. AI advancements will play a big role in data analysis allowing us to make even smarter choices as our campaigns become more omni-channel.

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