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CASE STUDY / HOME REMODELING Inbound Lead Generation for Cornerstone Remodeling

We helped a local home remodeling company overhaul the design of their website, optimized their paid ad campaigns, and dialed up the content output to drastically improve organic search traffic. They continue to break monthly sales records even in historically slow seasonal months.

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Inbound Lead Generation

Client Overview

Cornerstone Remodeling is a high-end luxury home remodeler based in Maryland. Thespecialise in kitchen, bath, and basement remodeling, as well as home additions. When Cornerstone approached 7ten their main goal was to drive new traffic, expand local search presence and increase lead flow through organic and paid search.

With 7ten they increased overall organic traffic by 3,400%, set 100% more monthly appointments and increased revenue by roughly 100% in just 12 months.


The three main objectives were to increase organic traffic, expand local search presence and increase lead flow.


Increasing Organic Traffic

The first step in increasing organic traffic lies in creating valuable content that users are looking for; this includes design guides, cost guides, and more!


Expand Local Search Presence

Creating location-based service pages is the core strategy behind increasing local search presence. These pages are then supported by localized content and carefully selected backlinks, ultimately leaving Cornerstone in the top 3 for local service searches across dozens of major cities.


Increase Lead Flow

As SEO takes time to see results, we supplemented the lead flow with Google ads. By creating beautiful landing pages and carefully targeting specific keywords, locations, and audiences, we were able to immediately boost the number of qualified leads for Cornerstone.

Marketing for Remodeling

Getting Strategic

Driving Organic Traffic

The number one aspect of any SEO strategy is creating content that users are actively searching for and is related to your business. For Cornerstone, much of our organic strategy focused on design and cost guides for kitchen remodeling.

This not only tells Google that Cornerstone is an expert in all things kitchen remodeling, but it also creates a sales funnel for potential customers interested in remodeling their own kitchens.

Localized Search

If the pages don't exist, you cannot rank. So even though Cornerstone served a large chunk of Maryland, since the pages did not exist, neither Google nor users knew that Cornerstone served their area.

By creating these pages and supporting them with an internal and external linking strategy, we were able to push Cornerstone onto the first page for many of the cities where they previously had no search presence.

Efficient Advertising

Through a carefully crafted landing page, expertly targeted keywords and audience, we took Cornerstone's previously unoptimized campaign and turned it into a lead-generating machine.

Where Google ads had previously been seen as a waste of time and resources, they have now become a central part of the sales process in Cornerstone.

The estimated ROAS from Google ads is over 1000x. This means that for each dollar spent on advertising, their return on revenue is in the thousands of dollars.

7ten is by far the most well put together marketing firm out there. I have absolutely enjoyed every minute working with this team! From early stage start ups with big ideas to an already established company, if you own either (we own both!), 7ten has a fun, creative, professional and talented team that can augment any growing business. We feel more confident with both our businesses due to the fact that we have such an experienced marketing team working alongside us.

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A.J. Ballantine


Cornerstone Remodeling / RENDR

The Results


3,400% Increase In Organic Traffic Y/Y


100% Increase In Set Appointments Y/Y


100% Increase In Revenue Y/Y


Authority Score Increased From >10 to 29 Y/Y


Referring Domains Increased From 60 to Over 300 Y/Y

Marketing for Remodeler

In Conclusion

In summary, the strategic partnership between Cornerstone Remodeling and 7ten has yielded remarkable results. Through a comprehensive approach focusing on increasing organic traffic, expanding local search presence, and enhancing lead flow, Cornerstone achieved unprecedented growth in just 12 months.

The results speak for themselves: a 3,400% increase in organic traffic, a doubling of monthly appointments and revenue, a significant rise in authority score, and a fivefold increase in referring domains. This case study exemplifies how targeted SEO strategies and efficient advertising can transform a business’s online presence and drive substantial growth.


Increase In Daily Traffic Y/Y


Increase in Set Appointment Y/Y


Increase In Revenue Y/Y

29 DA

Authority Score Increased from below 10 to 29 Y/Y


Referring Domains Increased from 60 to over 300 Y/Y

Team Insights


2023 proved it’s more important than ever to have a contemporary brand and a digital presence with good reviews. 49% of people value and trust online ratings and reputation as much or more than a word-of-mouth recommendation from a loved one. The trends on how younger generations rely on tech, social media, and Google search for buying decisions will only see stats like this increase.

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