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Facebook Ads

We guarantee your potential clients are using Facebook, Instagram, or both. Let us coordinate your social media advertising strategy.

What are Facebook Ads?

If you’ve ever used Facebook or Instagram you’ve almost certainly seen ads. They typically come up as part of your feed, which makes them hard to miss when you’re scrolling. Advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms can be incredibly valuable because they allow you to very specifically target your audience in order to get the best results for not a lot of money.

7ten Digital Marketing will put together a finely tuned social media strategy that will get you conversion results.

How does 7ten create successful Facebook ad campaigns?

One of the benefits of social media ad campaigns is that they are especially versatile and able to reach specific groups with specific needs. By creating business personas, 7ten is able to target those who are ready to convert as customers.

Tip #1

Determining your audience.

7ten works closely with you to understand your target audience and build messaging that resonates.

What type of patients does your practice usually serve? Are you trying to reach older people, or younger people? In what area? Men or women?

Knowing your audience will help us choose the messaging that will maximize your results.

Tip #2

Write to your audience.

For example, if your patients are older people, you don’t want to use a bunch of hip buzzwords. 

Once we’ve determined who your customers are, 7ten will make sure your campaigns are designed for them

Tip #3

A/B Testing

Another value of Facebook advertising is that we can create several different ad campaigns and then see which ones perform the best. 

This will allow us to iteratively improve your campaigns and bolster your return on investment.

Tip #4

Focusing on your call-to-action.

Facebook lets us create ads with several different anticipated results, such as increasing website traffic, or booking more calls. 

We make sure that your ad copy matches what you’ve asked Facebook to do for you.

Tip #5

Matching your visuals.

No Facebook ad will succeed without a compelling visual attached to it. 

Our design team will craft beautiful ads designed to engage your audience and make them click.

Tip #6

Keeping it short and simple.

If you’ve ever clicked on a Facebook or Instagram ad you’ll have seen ad copy that stretches paragraphs.

In this day and age, peoples attention spans are shorter than ever.

At 7ten, we keep your ad copy short and to the point. Capitalizing on the few precious seconds we have.

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