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You’re an expert in your field and good at building a business. But, at some point, you’ve been stretched too thin, particularly when it comes to promoting the business. And the options, oh, the options! Facebook ads, influencers, TikTok, paid social and on and on and on.

It’s enough to make you want to seek medical advice.

That’s where we come in. We are an experienced marketing firm that is dedicated to the medical industry, it’s the area we work best in. We know the pain points and bottlenecks that come with growing a successful practice.

We use the words you communicate with and the references you have to increase the visibility of your digital presence

No need to know the buzzwords of our industry – we take on the process for you and get you results.

We examine your site to determine how the search engines look at it, determine what words are best used with your site and then write content to raise your digital profiles rankings in  the results of a Google search.

It’s also known as search engine optimization – SEO.

What about social media platforms?

It’s been our experience that reliance on third party social sites is a bad idea. They change the terms of usage and all of your followers go away. It’s a far better idea to work diligently on getting your digital presence established in the search engine results pages – through intelligent writing, beautiful images – photos or illustrations – and a compelling message to your current and future clients.

We do that through SEO.

We’re in it for the long haul

And you should be too. Ranking doesn’t happen overnight that’s why we have a six month minimum contract engagement. We start with an audit of your website and digital presence. That done we follow up with research into your competitors, the words they use for their site and the words you use for yours. We determine the best strategy in using those words to rank your site higher – higher site ranking equals more leads.

Then we cement your reputation by getting others to link to your site – all of this through intelligent and cogent content creation and distribution

Dealing with the firehose of incoming communications

We do SEO and all things digital marketing. But we also run a business and understand that, sometimes, it’s hard just to find your car keys some morning, let alone deal with the firehose of incoming communications – email, texts, Facebook messages, personal DMs, what have you.

As part of the three different offerings we provide – Foundation, Rise, Flourish – we include a business operations kit.

After the audit, we run a month-long implementation of our tools and strategies, a surge if you will.

We install a chat bot and forms on your site on your site so that no visitor is left unanswered. We provide you with a telephone number that automatically returns a text message to the caller, saying that you will get back to them in a certain amount of time. We call it the missed call / text back service.

All of these are automated so that you free up internal resources to focus on more pressing tasks. And all messages go to a centralized communication center so that you can follow a prospective client through their journey to becoming an actual client – be it text messages, emails or DMs from your social channels – all under one roof.

Track all your interactions with your clients

We also provide a Client Relationship manager, or tie in with your existing client solution, so that you can gather and retain all the information you need regarding the people you serve.

Getting the message out

Love social media? Even if you don’t, you’ll love =our social media scheduling tool – link your accounts, write and schedule all you posts once a week, a remarkable time (and headache) saver.

We also provide email newsletter services, at an additional charge. It is always a good idea to keep in touch with your clients, prospective and current, through a variety of means. 85% of people in the US receive email – it remains, to this day, a major channel for direct communication, independent of social media platforms or the whims of the search giants.

Knowledge is power

We also provide an extensive library of on-demand training videos so that you can fully understand the concepts behind digital marketing as well as the tactics and strategies of executing effective campaigns.

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